German Powder Measure Marks?

I need some help;

I was shown some shotgun cartridge powder measures earlier today numbered 1 to 7 and for powder but no sign of a name of powder type. Didn’t get a really close look at them, which was a pity.
Stamped on them was the letters D.R.G.M. and the largest one certainly had Germany on it too.

Any ideas on what the letters stand for?


They mean it was patented or trademarked, can’t remember which. Do a search here using the letters.

Yep, found it, thanks.

For those who may wonder:
DRGM = Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster
A German specialty, as far as I know, being a sort of reduced patent: much easier and cheaper to obtain, but with reduced protection. In contrast to a patent, no inventive level of ingenuity (Erfindungshöhe) was required.