German primers used in 9x19 from 1918-1945

Is there a short and easy explanation of the different primers Germany was using in it’s 9x19 cartridges from 1919-1945?
Like designations and how to tell them apart visually.

Do you mean primers apart from Zdh 08 and Zdh 08/40?

Well just any that were used. This is not my field and I have been asked to post this question here as the people do not speak English well enough to post on their own.

Aside from the standard 08 and 08/40, remember that primers such as the RWS Sinoxid must be include - I am talking about the primer with “O” impressed on the cup. That was used on many police loads. I do not know if it was classed (or designated) as 08, 08/40 (it came out earlier than 1940) or had some other “official” designation beyond what RWS called it.

Also remember brass cups, copper cups, and steel cups.

I have never delved heavily into the primers, so am not on solid ground discussing them - I just want to mention the above to underscore that we are not just talking about two types when we discuss primers used in German 9 mm Para ammo. I have not even thought, other than the Sinoxid primer which, again, was used in some govt. loads, about commercial primers if they are included in the picture.

Peelen, Curtis or the like would be twenty-times more qualified to discuss the technical aspects of these than I.

In German military documents only two types are mentioned:

Zdh 08 (brass cap; chlorate/fulminate primer mix 88 as in rifle Zdh 88)
Zdh 08/40 (zinc coated steel cap, Sinoxid primer mix as in rifle Zdh 30 and 30/40)

From the drawing numbers (I only know the numbers, do not have the drawings themselves):
13E9301 Zdh 88
13E9302 Zdh 08
13E9306 Zdh 30 (coppered brass cap for identification, Sinoxid)
13E9310 Zdh 30/40
13E9311 Zdh 08/40
it seems that no pistol equivalent of Zdh 30 existed.

In practice, primers that existed in the occupied factories will have been used, too. But I do not know of any systematic way to identify them unless one has the box label.

Peelen - “it seems that no pistol equivalent of Zdh 30 existed.”

I cannot say that they were copper as identification of Sinoxid priming because I simply don’t know. However, copper primers were used here and there in military and police 9 mm 08 ammunition. I do not collect dates so I don’t have a lot of them, and when a primer is completely lacquered over, I don’t know what the primer-cup material is, but I do have the following rounds that without any doubt at all, do have copper primer cups:

P28 * 1 39
dnh * 2 41 “O” Sinoxid primer (no colored seals)
va St+ 20 43
oxo-St+ 7 44
ak St+ 6 45

That is an interesting list. thanks a lot JPeelen!