German production 6,5x55 Mauser?

I was passing time this evening trying to match up some of my unidentified cartridge clips with any cartridge that might fit and this curiosity appeared.

The maker is well known and it was in the oddity bag because it looked a bit different to the average ‘DM’ 7x57mm clip. The form of the reinforcing folds on the base vary slightly from those I’ve seen. It is also a bit of a loose fit with 7mm cases. I had a Swedish blank to hand and this fitted perfectly as did the other four when I managed to dig them out. For some reason I hadn’t tried this combination before.

My question is (forgive my ignorance), did ‘DM’ make 6,5x55 ammunition and is it likely that they supplied it in marked clips?

In anticipation, Peter

Yes, and Yes.
DM ( Deutsche MetallPatronenfabrik, later part of DWM, but retaining its “DM” trademark,) made early supplies of 6,5x55 for Norway (for Krag-Jorgensen rifles), and initial supplies to Sweden (for M94 Mauser carbine;)
Only supplier to Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, for M1900 AL Mausers, also in this calibre.( Rifle Identical to M1896 Swede, except for bayonet attachment and cocking Piece, which are M95 type).

Listed in DM catalogues and “Alfa” 1911 catalogue before WW I.

Correct cartridge is 160? grain RN projectile.

Whilst the clips for a “Export” Mausers are very similar ( ie, the M89,90, 91, 93, 94, 95, 96, etc) and are substantially different from the M98 narrow clip, it is often difficult to determine which country “owns” a particular clip.
The only real difference is the presence or absence of Clip guide lugs on the side walls. Even rim size differences may fall in normal clip tolerance limits, as a lot of shooters have found, using readily available steel Swedish made
clips for all sorts of Military 7mm Mausers, and even 6,5 Arisaka rifles, because the clips fit the clip guides, and the cartridges more or less feed from them.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics–Film Ordnance Services

BTW, we use Swede Clips for loading 6,5 Arisaka Blanks for Movie use…both on screen and off, and they work a charm…original Japanese brass clips are hens teeth, and we can’t afford to lose any of the real close-up picture examples.

There are three families of clips to suit the pre-98 Mauser rifles and carbines. For the Mauser models of 1889-90-91 and those rifles of later patterns intended to use the clips suited to these early models the clip is either without stop lugs on its sidewalls or has a distinctive closely-spaced pair of lugs. This latter form of clip appeared after the first type and seems to be associated with the later Turkish and Peruvian rifles. The second major type of clip was developed for the Mauser 1893 family in 7m/m and has a pair of more widely spaced stop lugs. The third clip family is for the Swedish Mauser rifles and carbines of 1894 and latter patterns and differs only slightlly from the 1893 “Spanish” in external apperance, since it was intended for the 6.5 m/m Norwegian and Swedish cartridge which has a somewhat larger base than the Mauser family of cartridges. JG

Well, that’s another mystery cleared up… many thanks for your help.

The thicker rim on the 6,5x55 means that the base to flange distance is a bit greater on the clips. This ensures that the cartridge will only fit 7mm clips with a bit of a struggle and 6,5mm in 7mm clips will often rattle around a bit.

Just to try your patience, any idea who made this one?

Happy collecting, Peter

I have some 7.9x57mm chargers with the