German proof cartridge for Very pistol from 1942


This is a very rare German proof cartridge for Very pistols. from 1942


How long in millimeters is this cartridge? I assume it’s 26.5MM diameter? Thanks Tom from MN


This is a 83 mm standard case


Yes, the caliber is 26.5 mm.

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Does anyone know if the 26.5mm diameter flare is available in 37mm length? Thanks Tom from MN


You mean today available for use or if such cases were ever made?

To the latter: yes.


This is an example of a 37 mm length 26.5 mm - cartridge. It was produced by the German company Berckholtz in the early fifties and start rockets for Line throwers.


I have a German flare gun that I would like to purchase one of these cartridges for display only. Tom from MN


Ok, why do you think a 37mm long case would be the one?


That’s what I measured. I can e-mail you a picture of it if you want. Tom from MN


I would be very happy. Thank you very much


Maybe you can post the image here?