German Secret Armament Codes until 1945

It arrived a few days ago, very happy I am to have it in my collection, and glad I am for the English half of it, for my German is, shall we say, much less than perfect!

Michael Heidler is a fine gentleman, and a joy to deal with!


Are you allowed to show one inside sample page, just to see how it is tabulated?

Main section of the book is broken into two subsections. First is by entity name and the second is by code. Each entry has the code, the entity name and the entity location. Each section is sorted alphabetically. Similar to the IAA headstamp page.

There is also additional information on other codes and instructions on how to use it. It isn’t a book that you will use on a daily basis but when you need it, it is extremely useful. Michael is very easy to deal with and I am sure if you asked him, he would send you a sample page or two.

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Thanks for that answer, (I was away for a bit).

sksvlad, I have not gone past the Autographed page as of yet, hopefully this weekend I will have a chance to peruse the book.


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Michael Heidler has done a wonderful job with this reference book. He includes the German WWII codes with lower case letters, which are generally available, but he includes much more, going back to well before WWII. He also includes English translations in critical areas. If you are serious about pre-1946 German military ammunition, I believe you will find this book very useful!