German sporting ctge (2)

The dimensions are :
rim diam : 12.40 mm
base diam: 11 mm
neck diameter : 10.50
inside neck diameter : 10.10 mm
case length : 45 mm
brass staight case
Hstp : Utendoerffer
Any idea?


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Sorry,I misreaded your dimensional data

This appears to be a “.360 Express” based case but of about 10mm bullet diameter (the largest possible in this case type). This doesn’t match any case I know of but is closest to the 10x50R Sauer - perhaps a shortened version of another 360 case (eg 9.3x72R) ?

Thanks again.
Confirmation is given by you it is not a sporting ctge.

In fact it is listed in Utendoerffer catalogues as the 40 gauge (excat name is 40/10.1)

Here again nobody I know has ever seen one, or surely people think it is a sporting ctge.

It is listed in the utendoerffer catalogues till 1935.