German sporting rifle


I acquired a German rifle that was brought back after WW2. The rifle is a Mauser action and it has a Krupp barrel. It is finely made. The bottom of the barrel is marked 6,3x57mm 3/24 (date ?).Does any know what round this rifle would use ? I think it may possibly may be a 6.5x57 .I would also like to obtain at least one round to see (after deactivation) how it chambers. Any input would be greatly appreciated . Thank you
Joe T


Your best bet would be to do a chamber-cast with some Cerrosafe (available through Brownells; it comes with instructions, and if you can boil water, you can do a cast)); that’ll give you the chamber dimensions, and from there you’ll know the proper calibre.


Joe - I strongly second SDC’s advice. Far better to have some precise measurements to work from than dub around trying to fit things. Besides, just because a round can be chambered doesn’t mean it is the correct cartridge - I have several fired “oops” cases in my Hunter Safety materials to bear witness to this.