German stick bomb (drawing)


Is there any information as to how this was launched?

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This is a “15 cm Stielgranate 42” which is missing the tube section which went to the location where the “cup” is located. The tube section is as long as the whole war head section and was shipped separated as the 3 fins where. Before firing the round had to be assembled. After that was done the whole got inserted from the muzzle end into a 150mm s.I.G33.
Better known and much more common are the 37mm while versions in 20mm were developed as well. There were also 40mm, 47mm, 50mm and 75mm versions (and propably others).
The smaller ones were all shaped charges (for emergency close range use) while the 75mm and 15mm were HE (blast) only. At these sizes no chaped charge was needed to kill a tank.

Here it is: … ate-42.jpg

Here the 37mm version as it was loaded: … 6_L_45.jpg


The 50mm version: … 8_12-7.JPG