German terms for artillery / tank ammo

Has anyone heard.of.the following terms which have appeared in a veterans account from Italy in WW2:
Vollgranaten - possibly a solid shot round

It would seem that very few have seen these terms before when talking about large calibre shells!

One of my teachers had been in charge of 81 mm mortars (Granatwerfer) in WW2. He repeatedly called them Spucker (spitter). Spuckergranaten could therefore mean mortar projectiles.

And as we are on mortars it also could mean in particular the 8cm Wurfgranate 39 which had a bounding charge and launched the projectile back into the air after impact to create an airburst increasing effectivity a lot.

Here is the actual text where these terms are mentioned:

  1. Wenn sie ein Widerstandsnest antrafen, drehten sir ihre Geschützetürme, und nahmen es mit Spreng / oder Vollgranaten unter konzentriertes Feuer, bis das Haus zusammenbrach.

  2. Oft schlugen Spuckergranaten in der Nähe ein, die Dunkelheit erhellend.
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“Vollgranaten” will then mean AP projectiles.

“Spuckergranaten” here shall be illuminating projectiles.

Many thanks. You can see the words in perspective and I believe you are right. I appreciate your input guys.