German to English translation

I was looking at a German 30x91mm MK108 round in an auction. Can someone translate the word “Ansdchlussgeschoss” to English for me please?

It is “Anschussgeschoss” what is basically a “zeroing projectile” or better here if so a cartridge with an inert projectile and a precise propellant load which may be meant for zeroing weapons.

If I recall it right nobody has seen original documents confirming the designation of this projectile/cartridge.

Unfortunately I am not so familiar with larger calibers

In 7,9 Mauser this round was for what EOD explained better than I ever could.
Additionally it was used by snipers.


As far as 7.9 mm is concerned:
Anschuss ammunition acceptance procedure checked for dispersion as well as mean point of impact, while normal ammunition only was checked for dispersion.
The mean point of impact for Anschuss ammunition was measured comparing it to a reference lot of ammunition (Vergleichsmunition). Alas, I do not know what the acceptable difference was. It is known that in early July 1944 the reference lot was “cg 1 L 43” and as its successor “[cg?] 86 L 44” was selected. The latter had the same MPI a little better dispersion than the previous reference. Keep in mind, these are cartridge lots, not headstamps (case lots).

Unlike modern U.S. zeroing, making changes to the sights by soldiers was impossible. The ordinary soldier was to use hold-off to compensate for differences. Anschuss mostly took place at the factory but could also be done by armorers in the field after repairs.

Thanks gentlemen.