German tracer


I identified this round as S.m.K.L’Spur (Spitzgeschoss mit Stahlkern und Leuchtspur) when I bumped into a description of another tracer called S.m.K.Gl’Spur (Sptizgeschoss mit Stahlkern und Glimmspur). Is Glimmspur less intense than regular tracer? Was it blinding someone at night so they had to “dim the lights”?


I believe the Glimmspur was intended primarily to prevent night fighters crews from being blinded by their own tracers and also to make the location of the airplane itself less obvious. Jack


sksvlad - The S.m.K. Gl’spur can be identified by its short (appox. 5mm) black tip and red primer annulus. The round shown in my post is the -V- (verbesserte – improved) loading meant for aircraft MGs which is denoted by the green band on the bullet.


Jack, all German reports on this subject so far referred only to the blinding effect. Besides this there was the dim iginition which helped to conceal the position of the firing aircraft.


What made the improved tracer better?


The “improved” related only to the propelling charge not to the projectile.


A different type powder made for a higher velocity.

S.m.K Gl’spur________770 m/s (2526 fps)
S.m.K Gl’spur – V_____885 m/s (2903 fps)

The figures are from Kent’s book on the 7.9mm.