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Lot 853 and 854 are pretty nifty items. Are the sale estimates in the ball park?
never seen anything like them.

I strongly suspect the red “nazi eagle” to be a fake to boost the price.

I am certain the red swastika/eagle and “Geheim” are faked inscriptions, exactly to boost the price, as said Pelen, which is a quite stupid move, as the item, if complete and in good condition as it seems to be is quite interesting and highly priced.

I saw such a display in the Military “Hussards” Museum in Périgueux, Southern France, more than 40 years ago, the box had been painted all over in medium grey, but it was probably original, anyway. I do not know if it’s still there, as the museum keeper from this period was fired, having been found selling items to make some money…! incredible but alas true…

It could be interesting to know for how much the full display box will be sold, in fine… Anyway, I think the proposed price is very correct…


While this not something I would normally be interested in, I thought they were unique and very interesting. Thanks for the input and information!

As you have seen one of these 1st hand, are the individual boxes Polte displays? I seem to recall seeing similar individual boxes in Tucson & thought those were Polte made samples. With rounds and cut-a-ways in the same box?

That is very, very nice - I would like that in my collection.

Are you going to bid?

I had thought about bidding on them but it is really not my area of interest. But I do think they are extremely interesting in spite of the spurious stamp. Never heard of, nor seen this before.

Pete I have seen them also in Tucson

The individual slides out of these kits show up from time to tiem. I have five or six of them in my 7.9 x 57 collection, and kept a couple of them just because I like cartridge display items. I remember a full kit was sold at Chicago once, and then broken up for the slides to be sold separately. I thought that was a real shame, frankly.

I fully agree!

For Pete DeCoux:

I still own a couple of the 7,92x57 , dated on the back label “Stand vom 1.5.42” ( i.e. for non-german speaking, “dated May 1st 1942”).

I can confirm that every specimens I saw came from Polte, coded aux.

The base is made of brown bakelite, and the “cover” is a kind of plastic similar to the american “lucite”, by DuPont, but in no case plexiglass as it had been written sometimes…

Matter of factly, it’s probably a variation made by Dynamit A.G., Troisdorf, Bez. Köln, known as “Trolit” or “Trolitul”, a combination of polystyrene or polystyrene co-polymers.

It was still produced after WWII, and even to day under different brand names, as the patents were expired long ago.



The hammer went down at $3,500 & $4,000 +20% buyers premium, for the 2 items in the auction. Substantially above the estimate. Congrats to who ever got them! Hope it was an IAA member. I got outbid on a shotgun that went for way beyond what it should have.