German WW2 electro-magentic gun & ammo

I came across this page in a document mix which did not shed more light onto the subject but it covered German WW2 developments and here mentions a “rail gun”.
So far I was unable to locate any more detailed documents on the subject.
Is there anybody with German primary docs from before 1945?

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Alex, this is the 4 cm Flak developed by the Gesellschaft für Gerätebau m.b.H. There is a series of articles about this development in the “Waffen Revue” magazine. Your drawing is a copy of a sketch made by the US Intelligence Team that was published in 1946.

This is the original German drawing of the projectile:



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Didn’t the Japanese do some work on a magnetic weapon as well? Seems like there was a report in some of the post-war investigative documents. I don’t remember anything ammunition related though.

Fede, thanks again. Could you tell which volume of the WR it is?

Numbers 121, 122 and 123 from 2001. If you don’t have them I cand send you scans.

Fede, thanks a lot! Have them all.