German WWI Copper-Wash-Steel Case 9mm P08


I recently acquired Spandau steel case round whose case was made in December 1917. An identical round is known in a collection in Arizona.

There are two other Spandau Arsenal steel case rounds confirmed to exist. One dated June 1917 in my collection and another dated July 1917 that is documented in a German collection in 1975. The whereabouts of the July 1917 cartridge is unknown and but it may have found its way to the US about 10+ years ago.

CWS case P08 cartridges from WWII were also produced by Cassel Arsenal in October and November 1917 and headstamped “C 10 17” There are six of these rounds known, most discovered in Germany about 2 years ago.

There is also one round produced by Geco and headstamped “Ge 2 D 18” (February 1918). No other CWS case WWI loads with this headstamp have shown up.

The dates on these cases are interesting. Spandau produced them in at least Jun and July 1917 and again in December 1917, Ge D produced them in at least February 1918 and Cassel produced in October and November 1917.

This implies to me an initial test in mid-1917 and then field trials (based on the Cassel box I pictured earlier on the Forum) in the end of 1917 into early 1918.

If anyone has examples of these cartridges, particularly dates or makers other then those mentioned, I would greatly appreciate knowing about them.

There is no information on these trials that I known of, and I have never heard of a box other than the one I posted a couple of years ago.



Lew, amazing find, congratulations!