German WWI Spandau P08 Box


I recently obtained the Spandau box pictured below. The label indicates the ammunition was labeled in October 1918. It is in very good condition and sealed when I received it. With only a moment of hesitation, I opened it. The mix of headstamps is consistent with my other experience in opening German WWI boxes-mixed dates on the headstamps. The headstamp dates varied from January through October 1918. The mix is as listed under the picture.

Oct (S 10 18) – 7
Sep (S 9 18) – 4
Mar (S 3 18) – 2
Feb (S 2 18) – 2
Jan (S 1 18) – 1

I think every German WWI box I have opened has had mixed case dates. I assume the same thing happened with rifle ammunition.




Hi Lew,

I reexamined my Spandau box which dates from the 7th of September, 1918. All rounds have lot number 8. So it seems that sometimes they got it right :)