German WWII 9x19 label Error

I have spent much of today trying to get my backlog of German 9mm boxes entered my collection.Tough since even the same lot of ammunition (load lot) can have variations in the components, like bullet lot, identified on the label.

I just opened a sealed box of Geco (dnh code) 1944 ammo to make sure of the load variation before I entered it. The label clearly says the cases should be “dnh St+ 6 44” but the cartridges inside are “dnh St+ 5 44”. I cannot recall this kind of error before on German 9mm boxes from WWII.

It is interesting that this load lot (top line of loading data on the label) was “1944 dnh 57” because I have boxes in the collection with this same load lot, but the case information is labeled " “(St)+1944 dnh mit versch Fertigungsdaten” The cases in my two boxes is “dnh St+ 5 44” also. The other data for the powder, bullet and primer is complete on both boxes and is identical.

It seems every time I look hard at German WWII boxes I find something interesting. Either I am easily entertained or I need to get a real life!