German WWII ammo box

The side latch (resting on a salt shaker) contain detritus of a leather carrying belt. Would someone have a photo of intact box? It says on the side “Patr Kast 41 f. MG”. What is “Kast”?

Found this so far

Says the thinner one on the left is for the MG3 (7.62X51) only.
The right is good for both 7.62 as well as 8MM. “Usable” with the MG42.
I’m doubting there was ever any strap. The leather wrap is a comfort option.[/img]
On a side note, the top handles are off center to ease the carrying of two cans in each hand. Try that with full US cans. They also have the “comfort” wrap.

Kast abbreviates Kasten = box

Cartridge Box M1941 for Machine Guns. Typical 7,9mm ammo box accompanying MG34 and MG42 Guns, and a lot of others as well.

The “41” pattern was developed from early WW I and interwar steel cans, with changes in the position of the handles, and the nature of the latches etc. The single belt can holds 250 rounds of either steel link or canvas tape belt. There also exists a double can ( early version) which holds 500 rounds in two compartments.
As correctly stated, the offset handles allow easy carry of two cans by one hand, assisted by the “hand-care” leather wrapper.

Whereas the German cans were made of heavy gauge Auto sheet-metal, and more likely to survive and be re-used, the US cans were thinner, lighter, and “throw-away”.

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Its not the remains of a belt, simply a leather wrap around the handle, it is complete as pictured…actually the Germans had a heavy strap with snap hooks on either end they would hook through the top handles, and would allow them to carry two slung around their neck…