German WWII dummies

Below a picture of two kinds of german dummies,
first kind are one piece flutted case ( brass or iron copperplated )
and second kind are flutted case with bullet’s jacket ( brass or iron copperplated ).
I already had the fourth one for many years now and just noticed that the fluttes are not at the same place on the case than on the others, must be a production default…

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Funny how they switched from one style to another for 50 years. Here Lew shows primer and no-primer styles German Fluted Dummies-Pre-1945, separate bullet and one piece body.

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I think the tooling required to produce the one on the right would be easy to add to a bulleted empty case by what would amount to a specialized sizing die in a loading tool. Once one had that die dummies of this type could be produced by a handloader in an ordinary loading press. Jack

Do you mean it’s recent work?? In this case, you should have a look to the primer which is not crimped like all these dummies were made with inert primers…

Dummies are used to train the loading, firing and unloading actions. At least this is what we did in my Bundeswehr time, where we used dummies of the type shown on the left. Considering this, one would expect firing pin impacts on the primers. Sorry, but to me the two dummies on the right look a little too perfect.

Jochem, the dummies Laurent shows are all original.

Sometimes you have to buy several and exchange them over the years in the collection before you have one with this quality. I do it this way.

A couple dummies not shown by Laurent.

The one on the left is additional chromed. I am not 100% sure if this one is original factory made this way.

The P413 with a brass case.

The P151 with the aluminium socket,

The “edq” lacquered steel case of 1943.

The “edq” lacquered steel case of 1944, were they used old dim tracer jackets to make this round.


Ex Lau



Your dummy on the right is definitely a legit one.
I think it must be an error in the production that made the
flutes that long.

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Thank you W. And L. to confirm my thoughs about the legetimity of this cartridge. In fact the flutes are not longer because they start upper on the case than on the others.