German WWII Headstamp Bunters


Vlad just published a photo of his WRA 67 Nato bunter and it reminded me of a question I have had for many years.

I accumulate bunters (in 9x19mm) and find them interesting, but in 55+ years of collecting I have never seen a WWII headstamp bunter in any caliber. There must have been millions of bunters made in 7.92mm and 9mm, and although many were probably recycled, there should be some out there and I just haven’t run across one.

If anyone has any WWII vintage German military headstamp bunters, or even WWI or between the wars, please post pictures.

Perhaps Dutch has half a dozen and will publish some photos.

There has been lots of conversation on these bunters over the years, but no specimens have shown up that I know of.



I see that your identical question at BOCN from 2011 is still un-answered. So the big boys have no WWII bunters too.


Interesting. Never thought of it, but I don’t believe I have ever seen a WWII-vintage headstamp bunter from any country. I have a few headstamp bunters, but all post war. Cartridge-making gauges show up on occasion. I have several for .45 Automatic and 9 mm from the WW2 years, along with an Italian 9 mm gauge, and a couple of 9 mm Italian Glisenti gauges from WWI.

Wonder where they all went.


In Germany high class tool steel was very scarce. A company could only purchase new raw material of this kind by handing back the worn tools for recycling. There was a whole bureaucracy set up for this.


Peelen - good information and certainly why such bunters would be scarce. But, what about the hundreds or headstamp bunters in use as factories were taken by the allies. I can’t speak for other nationalities, but American G.I.s have always been the world’s foremost souvenir takers (and no, I do not see anything wrong with that - to the victor gothe spoils). I would bet that any ammunition factories taken by USA troops were picked over for everything not nailed down, and probably things that were nailed down!

You would think some would show up. There were probably cabinets full of tooling like that, even beyond those in machines, that might have made more of a problem of removal for the layman.


I know most of the advance 7,9 collectors nobody has a bunter in his collection.
Nobody even knows how they look like.
So to find one would be very difficult.



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By the way anyone interested in a 45ACP bunter??
WCC 53



Now I know not to question the price if I ever bump into a WWII German bunter. How about French or any other occupied lands?


Have never seen a bunter from any of the German occupied countries either.

In fact, any WWII or earlier bunter is probably a good find.



John: During the American Civil War Union soldiers souvenired a wagon and some hams belonging to my great great grandfather. He lodged a claim for these losses against the federal government after the war and actually collected. Jack


This thread is now almost 4 years old and still, nobody that I know of has seen a pre-1946 German or German occupation bunter in any caliber.

I agree with John and Peelen that the bunters most likely to survive are those in the machinery at the end of the war. I have no idea what happened to any of that machinery. I suspect it was scrapped. I suspect it was not reused because the US had so much excess ammo making machinery they gave it away all over the world. I know it went to both Thailand and to France.

Perhaps the situation was different in the Soviet zone. Have any of out Forum members from the East ever seen a headstamp bunter for any German cartridge?

I would love to be first in line for a P08 bunter if one ever showed up. Hurry up guys, I only have a decade or two left!