Get ready

Found this in an envelope in a box. Got it from one of the first FFL holders. May be more relevant in the near future. Note the 1969 date. Feel free to make copies. Avoid the rush.

That looks famiiar. That was part of the Gun Control Act of 1968, where a dealer had to log every cartridge he sold. Slowly, they took away requirements. First they dropped the requirement for rimfire, and then rifle. Finally, they threw out pistol & revolver, because they had discovered what everyone who knew anything told these stupid bureaucrats to start with, that it had no crime fighting value.

Because of the size of our store, we had over 40 binders filled with these books, and exactly one criminal case was ever made out of it, and that’s because we brought it to the attentions of authorities that someone we had known years before purchased ammunition with a phony driver’s license. It was a high profile case, so they used it.

What I love about all the required record keeping is that when push came to shove, the Feds especially didn’t really give a hoot, other than to slam a dealer who forgot to dot an i or cross a t. I called the well-known Federal agency once to inform them that the DOJ had just denied the sale of a handgun to someone because he had a conviction for 2nd degree murder. Firstly, it surprised me that he only served about seven years. Then, I phoned the Feds to tell them we had a signed, purjured 4473, the federal gun form, for the guy and I got a polite “so what.” They declined to come down and look at it or even for me to mail them a copy of it. In short, they didn’t care that he perjured himself and was trying to arm himself for God knows what purpose.


So, today the gun dealer has even more paper work and many states, although not the Federal enforcement agencies, I will admit, are trying to not only reinstitute the ammunition record keeping, but made it even worse with serial-numbered bullet and cartridges, and guns that stamp information into the cartridge case. That will do a lot of good. Suuure it will! Ever heard of revolvers, guys? Some people still even prefer them including some crooks. They don’t leave fired brass behind.

Naaawwww, it will be ok, just register your favorite NFL team’s roster several times and enter absentee votes for them, and also register your local pizza delivery guy several dozen times with votes, and make sure they are all for a pro 2nd amendment / gun-rights candidate, then we wont need to worry about losing gun & ammo freedoms. It’s simple.

Hey - ACORN - a purely “the other party” organization, has already been doing that, undoubtedly since their inception. I hope everyone involves goes rotting behind prison bars, but it won’t happen. There will be much investigation and zero prosecutions, is my prediction.