Getting some cartridges from Russia - anyone have any insight?

I am getting some more of these cartridges in from Russia.

Is there much interest in them by anyone?

I know about the pinfires but do not know the demand for the others.




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I’m interested in the group of large caliber revolver cartridges in the center, and the smaller group on the lower right.

Have these cartridges all been rendered inert in some way for international shipment? I see a lot of holes in cartridge cases that don’t look to be pinfire related. Thanks.

Yeah they are made inert and powder is removed.

What are the long cartridges on the left?

I guess this?

They appear to be 7.62 Russian Nagant.

Would you provide the measurements of one of the cartridges in the middle group? I am assuming they are all the same.

Possession of life ammo in Russia is only allowed to those who do own the respective gun.
Pistols and revolvers with rifled barrels are prohibited for civilians.
As a consequence all collectors in Russia do own their items inert. Except for those few calibers they may own shotguns for.

Very interested in some of those lead bullet revolver rounds. Are they .450 or .44 S&W?

Actually .42 = 4.2-line revolver cartridges.

I actually already got some of these for Chris as we thought they were maybe .450s.

I think they are a .442

Bullet diameter: .433
Rim diameter: .497
Head: .451
Mouth: .445
Case length: .650

Aaron, the case is .65?
Then I was wrong, sorry!

Wow - so there is somewhere in the world that has stricter rules than in Western Australia!

Come to Germany and you will learn about strict (i.e. fascist) gun laws!

Imagine or not but there is items you can freely own in Russia like all blanks and ammo not designed for lethal purposes. Means all pyrotechnical, CAD and LTL stuff is free too.

If a Russian member will find me to be incorrect on this please correct me.

Mayhem and EOD - Sounds like you are describing the state I was born in and live in, “The California Republic.” That’s what our State Flag calls it, and the attitude in Government is that they are special and can ignore the Constitution and Federal Laws. Our California ancestors must have been clairvoyant, as there is a big Red Star on our State Flag and has been since the mid-1800s. Very apropos for the party in power here for the last 40 or so years.

John M.

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I would be interested in a pinfires or two, one of each?

I would dearly love to have any of the pinfire rounds!

EOD, only blank and signal cartridges are ‘license-free’ in Russia
Less-lethal ammo (tear gas or rubber projectiles) can be owned only if you have licensed gun to fire such ammo
Our gun laws are strict but somehow ‘flexible’.
I.e. it is not permitted to use sound suppressors, but there are no restrictions in owning them. Furthermore, there’s no firm definition of what suppressor is or is not, so a lot of people use ‘closed-type flash hiders’ which definitely are not suppressors, if you believe their makers.
Similar story with magazines over 10-rd capacity. In theory, only practicing sportsmen (IPSC or such) are allowed to use these, but in practice almost everyone with AK or AR-style gun here uses ‘standard capacity’ (20-30-40 rd) mags

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In Russia, are there any exemptions for cartridges that are really old such as pinfires?

Or would you have to own a pinfire gun to have the live pinfire cartridges?

And then if so, is it hard to own a gun?

Normally, all live cartridges, even older and obsolete, are no-go, although police and judge may be much more lenient to owner of some 4.2line Berdan rounds as compared to, say, owner of some standard issue 7.62x39. You cannot be in possession of military issue ammo even if you have civilian gun in the same caliber; only commercial ammo can be legally owned.

as for gun ownership, getting shotgun license is not hard. You need to to be responsible adult (18+ y.o), have no criminal record, attend short safety courses, pass medical exam and pay some money for a purchase permit. Same for less-lethal guns.
Rifles (even .22LR or muzzle loaders) can be purchased only after minimum of 5 ears of trouble-free shotgun ownership.
Handguns are prohibited.
To put it into perspective, my son got his first shotgun license at the same time as his driving license. Now he owns one of his daddy’s smoothbore guns, and waits for 5 years to pass by to get into rifles, which he likes most