Gevärsexerciskrut 1 - (Rifle practice powder 1)

OK so I have been pulling down thousands of 6.5 X 55 Swedish red wood tipped “training” blanks. When I first received these “battle packs”, I expected to see flash powder in them but instead they contain what looks like cut flake powder only smaller than what we normally see in rifle calibers.

After doing some research, others around certain gun forums claim it is Gevärsexerciskrut 1, or also known as Rifle practice powder 1. Many have compared the burn rate to Unique and claim to have good results with it in light rifle loads for cast bullets and results equal to Unique when loading in handgun calibers.

Does anyone have any more specific details about this powder or is it just as elusive as it seems? There must be some sort of burn rate data or something regarding the design and composition out there somewhere.

Thanks in advance!

Blankfire Powder of whatever origin is TOTALLY unlike any normal Rifle or Pistol Powder, and should only be used for BLANKS…the different Burn rates and Pressure excursions if used with a Ball loading will destroy the Gun. ( and Maybe the shooter as well.)

The Swedish “exercise Powder” is similar to US WC Blankfire used in .30 M1909 Blanks, and is a High energy, low density Powder…12-15 grains is sufficient to function a Garand M1 rifle. ( or a BMG or BAR).

Even when using WC Blankfire in other Blanks, care must be taken NOT to over-load…sometimes even a fraction of a grain too much can make a load dangerous ( Case splitting, crimp fracture, primer popping.)

So-called “Flash Powder” is a 1920s usage for making Theatrical and old Western type Blanks…most of this Powder is Pure Potassium Nitrate ( Saltpetre) mixed with a bit of Smokeless or Black Powder… ( Nothing to do with Photographic "Flash Powder’ which was Powdered Magnesium). In any case, KNO3 will soon destroy a Gun by corrosion and erosion of the flame contact parts. Definitely not for use in a Semi-Auto Pistol or Rifle (incorrect Pressure waves).

That Swedish Powder is probably faster than Unique or BullsEye as well. ( WC-BF certainly is…it is a flattened Olin Ball Powder, with very small grains).

if you have “recycled” the Swedish Powder from cheap wooden Bullet Blanks, give it to a Re-enactor to make his own Blanks , or consign it to the Garden as Fertilizer…Using it in Rifle or Pistol ammo is just a “Death Wish”… ( Darwin Award, Maybe???)

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Film Ordnance Services
(Down Under)

DocAV, thanks a bunch for your input. I have learned a great deal from your posts on this and many other gun forums.

As for the powder, I ask not so much for shooting purposes but for collecting. In my Cartridge collection, I also have a powder collection. I love to take samples of new powders that I have not previously seen or that is unidentified to me and get a sample in a glass test tube and get as much data about it as I can.

As much as I would love to use it for reloading, at this point I’m more interested in the historical value of the data so I can add it to my catalog of powders.

Where manufactured, composition, burn rates, original purpose, years manufactured, all that sort of stuff is what I like to record in my catalog.

Thanks again!