Gevelot 9mm Bayard Cartridges

Hi- I have a box of Gevelot cartridges the are in a box of 25 and though they look like 9mm luger but are not the same. The box is yellow and says: 25 cartouches pour Pistolet Automatique “Bayard” Calibre 9mm. 50 Rue Ampere Paris. They have what looks like a nickel plated ball style bullet and the case is simply labeled GEVELOT 9mm with two stars. Anyone know what these shells are for and how old they are? thanks, matt

Your Gevelot 9mm Bayard cartridges are caliber 9mm Court (9mm short; .380 auto). the temptation when seeing a report of a box marked “Bayard” is to identify them as being of caliber 9 x 23mm Bergmann-Bayard caliber. However, French boxes for that caliber are marked “STAR” while they marked the .380 boxes as 9mm Bayard. the firm of anciens Etablissements Pieper, in Belgium, made a nice, very small .380 auto under their Bayard (a mounted Knight) trademark, hence the French designation for the cartridge.

I happen to have both the Bayard and the Star boxes in my own collection, so it didn’t matter here, but it is always helpful when you want a cartridge identified to give all measurements. In the case of auto pistol rounds, at least the caliber (9mm in this case) and the case length (17mm in this instance).

Thanks for the information. I bought these some years ago, thinking they would work in my Bergman-Baynard, but as you point out they are too short so i just kept them. Any idea how old they are? Here are a couple picture links:

The type of the paper wrapping the box is indicating a manufacture between 1952 -1979