Gevelot 9mm Para/38S&W Box

I picked up the box pictured below at the recent ECRA meeting. The top is labeled 38 S&W, and the front 9mm Parabellum. The top of the box is about twice the size of a normal 9mm P box, and the heigth is about 1.75 times the heigth of a 9mmP box. The only thing in the box was a square block of wood, apparently to give it weight.

Turns out this was a prop from a French movie. Clearly they did not demand a high degree of accuracy with regard to ammunition. I wonder what the gun was???


Probably a .45 ?
great box,
SOME of those movie folk are operating right out of the ozone. But hey it would only be in the shot for 2 seconds & the camera is 40 feet away shooting with a wide angle lens.

Lew, a very interesting box. The top label is quite similar to the original except for the missing label number and “Fabrication Française” under “Poudre sans Fumée”. Also, this last sentence and “50 Cartouches pour revolver” are depicted in one single line in the original. Cartridges are headstamped GEVELOT 38 S.W. with nickel primers and purple annulus.