Gevelot Patented Rifled Shotshells

This design was patented by Gevelot to allow for a specially designed slug to be fired from a shotgun and spin, improving accuracy, in a non-rifled barrel.

They are metallic shells with paper around them so I assume they could have been reloaded multiple times.

The worn headstamp on the rightmost cartridge says ‘Fabrique Gevelot Paris’ with a ‘12’ in the middle.

Any more info about these?

[larger version]

Also made in center fire I’ll post a photo of those later.

The one on the right should have a blue paper cup 7.46mm high with 0.74mm thick walls. A least mine came that way. My 16 bore, like yours did not come with a cup.

These are vertically-seamed brass bodies with paper covers, not drawn brass bodies. The CF shells are also made that way.

I’m not sure which way the cup should go but as the bullets are hollow based, but I think the cup should go mouth down to prevent the powder filling the bullet base. But like I said i don’t know for sure.

Other than that bit of whatever I have no further help.

Must be a patent somewhere?

Aaron, this type of cartridge and bullet was designed by Alfred Eugéne Courtier. After being loaded with the powder charge, a special gas check and then a thin fiber wad was placed before the bullet, and according to the manufacturer it could be reloaded up to 4 or 5 times.

Aaron, this 16GA by SFM says “dispersion shot”, what should be for shot loads then.

They are Courtier ctges and exist from 4 to 28 gauge in both cf (thin and thick rim) and pf.
Therefore you need 27 different shells to have the complete set.

The shell, whatever the gauge, must be loaded with powder, then this special hollow riffled cup, mouth up, then a normal thin wad and after the bullet.

The shell shown by EOD is different.
They are called Epervier shells.

They exist in 12, 16 and 20 gauges, cf (thin rim only)
Two kind exist depending of the twist of the rifling : ultra short range (pink tube) or short range (blue pink).

Therefore you need 6 different shells to have the complete set.

To load the shells you put the powder, then a special flat rifled wad and after the shot.


Found these:

Hi aaron,

interesting pages!
can you tell me from what year they are?
( That Pegamoid is in my collection and was wondering how old it was )

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Polman, these are pages of the 1900 SFM catalog.


Thanks for the info!!

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