GEVELOT'S .22LR Tracer "Sample" Pack?


Has anyone ever seen one of these before? It is a small manela envelope 2.25" x 3.5". The end flap has been cut open and it still has four rounds in the pack (rounds are red tip nickel case Gevelot headstamp). As it has a bit of glare the lable says:

See a ball of fire ZIP to the target. Test a few
on brightest day and at dusk. Fire a few into a carton
of excellsior. Incendiary: negative. Run a 1" ad in
local paper. It’s a “door opener”. They will also buy
guns, scopes, reg. ammo., etc. Only 25 distributors
carry the stock. Send your order to us and we will
pass it on to your nearest distributor.

Anyone have any additional information? I think this is the only “sample” pack of ammunition I have ever seen.


These sample packs are scarce, but not unknown. The picture above shows some different types I happened to have on hand. The CCI Blazer 9mm pack is called a “Blazer Trial Pak” (“PAK” is the correct spelling in this case) and sold for $1.99. The CCI .38/357 sample pack has five rounds of .38 Special wadcutters and five .357 magnum SN HPs and was free. The Remington 9mm zip-lock was given to salesmen and contains a dummy 9mm round with the ballistics, so they could explain a load that had just missed the then-current catalog. The Top Brass zip-lock was a sample given out at the SHOT Show, and perhaps other places.

I also have, not shown, a Federal Cartridge Company Shotshell ID pack with six different empty shotshells in a plastic box, showing their line, and one Western cardboard box with six cutaway shells in it (these shotgun window shells are a very well known form of sample pack and were a saleman’s tool).

J. Moss Collection


Thanks, very neat stuff! I did not know about the CCI or Top Brass. I did know about the cutaway shells ect. but consider the salesman


I was trying to show an assortment representing different types of samples - one sold to the retail customer, one given away to retail customers, one a single dummy round to educate a factory-rep or factory and jobber-level salesmen so that they could sell it to their clients, and one a giveaway to retail dealers at a trade show. I am sure one could find lots of these in each of those categories.


Here’s a Federal shotshell (empty) ID sample pack. Got it about 10 years ago. They still list them for sale.