GFA Headstamp identification

Has anyone ever seen the headstamp “GFA” on a 9mm Luger cartridge? I’ve been unable to determine what it stands for after searching for a while.

Fiocchi, Italian


Thank you. I was under the impression they used “GFL.” Any idea what the A means in this case?

Could it be US production by G.Fiocchi in America?

Doc AV

According to Fiocchi it isn’t one of theirs. I was thinking the A could mean Arkansas for their new factory but apparently it isn’t that. :thinking:

Well, you know, now that you mention it, I was thinking of GFL, so maybe not. Disregard my comment then.

Maybe Lew can chime in.

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No problem, It had crossed my mind that it may be a variant of GFL but Fiocchi themselves confirmed otherwise. Thank you for your help though, I appreciate the effort. The search continues.

I have the fired case. Some of the headstamps look like BFA, but I decided that they must all be GFA. GFL’s Ozark plant is referred to as Fiocchi-USA and the company is FIOCCHI OF AMERICA, LLC so neigher fits with GFA!

Hope someone had the answer.


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