GFL shotshells

Two N 12 GFL shotshells in display box.
Both have unique crimp/topwad.
Orange paper shotshell has a 4 on case wall and near very small tw.
Tan paper shotshell has a 10 on very small tw. Also has the Stag picture with Cross and S. Uberto Special printed on it.
Any information about these 2 shotshells would be appreciated.

JFL%20shotshell%20c JFL%20shotshell JFL%20shotshell%20a JFL%20shotshell%20b

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Bob, here you can see an ad from 1953. The special crimp was patented in 1946.

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Nice, they do look like little artillery shells!

It would be a lot of fun to build a miniature Howitzer to fire them.

Really. A howitzer firing size 4 and 10 shot. Look out ducks.
I heard that cannister in 105mm is much better. Ha Ha. Ron.

Made for a gun store In Florence (Firenze) named after the patron saint of hunters…St Hubert; the Stag with the cross is the symbol of St.Hubert across Europe…and is also the trade mark of JaegerMiester, a rather nice herbal liqueur made in ?Austria/Germany by monks of St. HUBERTUS’s order.
Jaeger Meister…master hunter.

Doc AV

High Gee Whiz factor!