GIAT 155mm short range projectile

In the IAA archive section in Woodend’s files I came across this GIAT 155mm short range projectile.
I have no other catalogs or flyers covering this type.

Anybody with better documents or photos of this particular type?



Alex, this projectile is listed in Jane’s Ammunition Handbook, 7th Ed. 1998-99, pages 345-6 (it might also be in other editions).

Here is a summary:
It is compatible with a large number of towed and self-propelled artillery weapons (the list is quite long).

It was developed originally by Luchaire SA (later part of Giat) and was known as the Projectile 155mm d’Excersice Economique (155 EX ECO). The version you show (155 PRAC SR F1) was developed by Giat, Forges de Bologne and Titan from the earlier design and was produced by Giat. It is designed to be fired over ranges with reduced safety areas (as small as 10m radius) with a maximum range of 9000m. It is said that it will not ricochet and has no incendiary effects.

There is a point detonating fuze that bursts the shell to produce white smoke from titanium tetrachloride. The shell body is cast low strength steel that produces only a few low energy fragments (hence the small safety radius).

The driving band is “five thin metal bands which do not contain any copper and will thus not create copper deposits in the barrel involved.” It does not specify the band material, but even though it may not produce copper deposits I don’t think it can be assumed that it will not produce other deposits.

There is a small photo (possibly the same one you show from Bill Woodin). Markings in the photo are as follows:

No doubt “T.TCL” indicates the titanium tetrachloride smoke payload.

Weight: 41 kg
Length (including fuze): 697mm

Larry, thanks a lot!

Now we just need some factrory flyers and photos of these. By now I was not able to ID an actual user of these.