Giving Away About 200 Rifle Rounds

I have about 225 rounds of rifle ammo, made in 1946 I believe. A fellow was going to take them off my hands, so I had them boxed up, waiting for him to send me a paid, self addresses paste on address label, but he backed out. These are brass cases and Berden primed. There are 2 boxes with about 52 rounds and 2 boxes with 65 rounds. If I am able to put a picture with this message, it will be the 65 round box. The bullet is nickel coated. One fellow said they took these off their shelves in the early 50s. Why? The bullet leads heavily and increases pressure. A rifle is good for about 4-5 rounds and needs to be cleaned. These were given to me by a friend who didn’t know what they were. I will give them away, but the Post Office will not handle them, Fed-Ex will not, and UPS will charged about $20 to send them. If it is possible for someone to send me a prepaid label with their address on it, I will stick it on the box and send it. If not, I guess I’ve got to find some way of getting rid of them. They’re just taking up space. Someone told me these were Swedish rounds used during WWII.

Do you have any pictures?

I have a picture, but didn’t see any way of sending one with the message.

Found it. If anyone needs more details, I’ll open the box and give the info off one of the boxes.

Yes, Swedish Mauser 6,5 x 55 mm, that could be possible. Can you give a picture of the headstamp, please?

Swedish Cartridge

This is a Danish-made 6.5 x 55 mm headstamp.
A very large lot of this ammo came to the USA as
Milsurp quite some time ago, and almost instantly
acquired a bad reputation for bore-fouling from the
bullet jackets. I never shot any myself, but remember
complaints from customers. We only had a relatively
small trial (“trial” for our store, to see condition, etc.)
lot of it, and did not reorder it because of those complaints.
In fairness though, I don’t recall personally ever looking
at a rifle bore fouled by this ammunition, so my remarks here,
other than the identification of the headstamp from Hærens
Ammunitionsarsenalet, are “second hand.”

John Moss

That’s the information I have. When I relayed that info to the fellow who was interested in getting the rounds, he dropped out. Can’t blame him. To pay about $20 to send can be expensive if one doesn’t want to shoot a few, clean the barrel, then shoot a few more! I thought I would see if anyone was interested though. If not, I’ve got to find some way of destroying them that is legal. I guess I could call the local law enforcement and see if they have a method.

Talked to the local police department and they arre sending a man out to look at the ammo and hopefully take it off my hands. I was hoping someone could use the bullets, but they are the problem. The cases are brass, but Berdan primed, so it’s a once shoot. Anyway, I’ve hope I’ve found a way to get them out of the house. Thanks fellows. Appreciate it. I reload 7.62 x 39 and 54R, 30-06, 223, 9mm, 40, 45, and 380. Won’t be long before I’m too old to do that!

There are several threads relating to thislotof 6.5x55 made in Denmark 1946…Dangerous to fire!!

The Projectile is the problem. Soft jacket with Nickel coating which FOULS the barrels very easily and raises pressures to blow-up point.
Cases also reworked …triangle mark as the anvil was not correct first time.
So bullets Not Recyclable, Primers Berdan and corrosive, and unreliable.

Use only as Collector cartridges or destroy by burning,
An Ordnance Disposal job.
A lesson on How NOT to make ammo.

First info came from Denmark, 1950s-60s, IMPORTED BY INTERARMS.

Doc AV