Giving items away

I am in the process of moving things around my house and I’m coming across ammo related items I no longer want, I have given some topwads away and have some “mag bags” to give away. In both cases I said IAA & ECRA members only. I may have some more items to give away and again I’ll make them for IAA & ECRA members only.

2 questions:

  1. Does the IAA mind me doing freebies on this forum
  2. If it is OK does the IAA mind me making it IAA & ECRA only.


The answer to both of your questions is “Yes, it is OK”. Freebies are fine. Until the Buy-Sell-Trade Forum is set up what we want to avoid on the main forum is dealers setting up a store on the forum.

I don’t know what you mean by “Mag Bags” but if it means magazines for pistol, I have a friend in England who needs 3 7.63 Mauser stripper clips and a WW-II era magazine for a M1911 .45ACP. Do you have either, either free or for sale.
Please PM me if you do.


I wasn’t very clear re the “mag bags”

Here is some interesting history on the Chieu Hoi programs including Armourer’s M16 mag bags.