GJ marked percussion caps

Regarding the raised GJ on the primer of the .43 Egyptian with the unidentified headstamp that Chassepot posted the picture of on 10/18/07, I have the box of percussion caps shown below, which also have the raised GJ headstamp. Oddly, the box has no maker identified on the top label, other than the GJ. I appreciate Chassepot having identified the maker as Gevelot Jules. Who or what is ‘Jules’? There are also percussion caps with a ‘GD’; does anyone know what the ‘D’ represents?

Note the two sizes of letters on the caps.

The side label. Due to the missing portions and poor camera positioning, it may be impossible to fully translate.


GD is a mark of GAUPILLAT and after 1884 of SFM. G for GAUPILLAT and D for DELION. DELION was an associate of GAUPILLAT.
The head stamp GD is also seen on 7 mm , 9 mm et 11 mm Devisme with patented inside primer.

GJ is a mark of GEVELOT and after 1885 of SFM.
The head stamp GJ is also seen on 7 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm and 15 mm pinfire

Here two pages of the 1905 SFM catalogue with GD et GJ boxes of percussion caps.

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Thanks again for the most helpful information. I’m surprised that the round paper boxes were still being produced as late as 1905. I had figured it was much earlier than that.