Dear Members!,
Found in a large WW2 German ammunition dump is this glass object. It is said to be a glass mine but I can find no data on it. It is certainy not a Glasmine 43.
Does anybody have any information?
Thank you in advance!
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Leen Bogers.

Same question was aked a while ago on the BOCN forum on following link: Suspected Glassmine

(from ‘Switch’ on the BOCN forum) I was told that it was a German manufactured glass insulator for overhead electricity lines when I asked, so not ammunition related. The item was originally suspected of being a type of Glassmine, but I believe similar shaped items made of ceramic pot have been found leading to it’s correct identification.

If a mine I would expect to see a pressure plate and a weak section which would break under stress.
Here I see a rounded top which is made to resist pressure, basically the opposite what would go for a mine.

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Glasmine, a

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