Glisenti Cartridges--Would Any Collectors Want These?


I have 16 Glisenti cartridges (live rounds) that I’d like to sell to a collector. They are marked SMI 17. I would appreciate any suggestions about how much they are worth, and how I might sell these cartridges. Thanks!

P.S. I have a couple of photos if anyone wants them.


I am sure someone would want these. You do not find them every day although they are not rare or even particularly scarce in cartridge-collector quantities. The “SMI” headstamp is found as often as any of the other headstamps in this caliber. There are only one or two rare headstamps in this caliber, and then a couple of scarce ones. I don’t assign values to other people’s cartridges, but the price of these relatively common cartridges should not be a lot. Most cartridge collectors wouldn’t want 16 rounds of it (I assume they are not in the original boxes - they would be worth much more as a unit in the original 7-round boxes), unless they are dealers. Some gun collectors might, and seem to have a habit of paying more for common cartridges than do cartridge collectors, I assume because they are not as aware of things like scarcity, or the lack thereof, in ammunition, like they are with the guns in their field.


I would be interested in buying your cartridges as a lot. Please email me using the button below, include pictures if possible.

Thank You