Glock dummy cartridges

Has anyone seen the dummy cartridges that Glock is advertising? Solid orange plastic, no head stamp, 9x19mm .40 s&w and .45 ACP calibers. They look like ones I have seen before sold under a different name (Pachmayr?) I saw these in a brochure for the new Glock 43 that was released at this year’s SHOT Show. I am curious if these are made in house or subcontracted to the presumed original manufacturer.


Maybe SAF-T-TRAINERS, by Precision Gun Specialties?


AKMS, here is a picture:

More details here: … 4Dummy9x19



Those do look just like the SAF-T-TRAINERS that Brownells sells in orange & yellow. I wonder if it is the same manufacturer doing a special Glock version?

I see they are sold in Germany (or perhaps Austria?), but are they being offered in the USA by Glock? Does anyone have any of them for sale here?

The look like the Safe-T-Trainers, but the fact they are marked Glock makes them “collector-different.” :-) Why not, in this day when you have many loaders loading the same bullets in the same cases under different brand names.

That they showed up in a brochure released at the 2015 SHOT show seems to indicate that it is a new product offering for sale in the US. From the image, you cannot see the Glock logo on the side of the cartridge but it makes sense that they would be so marked.


In the photo posted on this thread, on my screen, the Glock image is clearly visible on both cartridges in the picture.

My apologies for not being more clear. What I was trying to say is that the image of these dummy cartridges in the Glock brochure did not clearly show the glock logo on them (or I overlooked it).