Glow ammo - loaded pistol ammo

Glow Ammo (the makers of those cold-tracer stickers for the bases of bullets) now has loaded ammo. I have found 50rd boxes of 9mm, .40S&W and .45acp at Midway. I am almost certain that the brass will be starline, top-brass or some commercial brass, but who knows:

Maybe a good alternative for places where tracers are illegal or ranges that don’t allow traditional tracers? The Glowammo website also shows 20rd boxes available:

DK, My box of Glow Ammo 9mmp was all mixed headstamps. Clearly not new made cases.



Wow. Mixed / fired cases is never a great way to start out with a new line of specialty ammo. It may be perfectly decent in performance, but perception is everything. I am biased however in wanting to see a new headstamp like “GLOW 9mm Luger”