God and a shotshell!

I think I have your attention with this title 😁

For years I have this in my collection. And for as far as I know, nobody knows the story behind it.
It is a shotshell that has been made for the Dutch market.
The case shows a running hare, and reads
The Dutch lines.
Extra Gas Dichte Jachtpatroon.
Extra gas tight hunting cartridge

Onovertroffen kwaliteit
Best quality.

This is nothing special!

But with a very uncommon head stamp!!

Dog si edfeil.
When we read this backwards it is:
God is liefde

What is translated to God is Love

Nobody knows by who these cases were ordered.
Is there anybody out there that can give us a hint on this one??

Many thanks for all ideas and help.

Very nice !
No help here, sorry

If you read it in mirror script you read ‘liefde is god’, “love is god” not exact the same as you told. Anyway no solution on your answer. Thanks, Jan

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Hi Jan.
Never looked at it that way.
Interesting look.


As far as I know, shot is schroot or hagel in Dutch language. “Chilled shot” seems to rule out a Dutch, French or German language maker and points toward an English language country.
I am not an expert in the shot size field. It looks as if in modern times (Waffenlexikon by Mahrholdt/Lampel) the Brits did not use a number 5 shot size. Consequently, I suspect a U.S. manufacturer (no. 5 shot would be 3 mm).

Well, another feature of these letters: they’re not mirrored, they’re set up in “normal” direction so we read indeed “Dog si Edfeil”. When you mirror this, it doesn’t work. It’s just a joke, I guess.

Why would “is” and “Dog” [goD?] be in English, and not “Edfeil”?

Maybe it actually means Dog is Love/Love is Dog, and makes reference to a hunting Dog, or hunting with Dogs?

Hi Jochem
Chilled shot is indeed no Dutch but English.

But top wads are , in my point of view, not necessarily an indication of production or timeframe since ;
Many people bought new primed empty cases and loaded them their selves. With whatever topwads and loads they had.
And the chilled shot wads have been used in many, many different cases and countries.
Or people reloaded them after firing.

I know of another one that does have German writing on the case.
I will try to post a picture ( not mine ).

image image image
This is the one with German text.
Headstamp is the same.
Topwad unknown.

Thank you for showing the version with the German words. The text has some errors a German speaking person would not make. Now I am confident the origin is not German.
“mit rauchloses Jagd Pulver” should be “mit rauchlosem Jagd-Pulver” (or Jagdpulver);
“oder andere Pulver” should be “oder anderen Pulvern”;
“und mit hart Schrot” would never follow after the verb “geladen”, because one would sound like a moron. Apart from that, “hart Schrot” should be “Hartschrot” (German for chilled shot).

Edit: The font in which SINOXID is written, somehow looks wrong to me. But its use proves manufacture after 1930.

Hi Jochem,
I understand your thoughts and I totally agree with you.
But in Holland we have a saying;
De Klant is koning
Means something like
The costumer is king ( makes the rules ).
Many shot shells that are produced for Holland come from German manufacturers.
So perhaps it is still made by a German company for a Dutch costumer.

I will start to ask some people over here if they ever found boxes or other info about them.

Thanks for all input.