Godfrey Sports and Reloading supply. Brighton Illinois. Have 2 boxes of 35 rem. with this label. Has anyone heard of them? Headstamp is G.F. 35 Rem

As far as I can tell from the few information I have, this was a designation briefly used by Godfrey Reloading Supply during late 1970’s, when this company marketed various makes of ammunition and a brand of their own called “Godfrey Ammo”, which was offered in handguns calibers from 6.35 mm Browning to .45 Colt. I don’t know when they turned back to the original designation -at least by 1985-, which was used until recent years when they made various obsolete calibers from reformed cases.

Is there a photo of the cartridge head available. Godfrey Ammunition should be “G.A.” or perhaps “G.R.” for Godfrey Reloading, I would think, and G.F. is a headstamp used for Giulio Fiocchi ammunition made on contract by Dominion in Canada. I have never seen that headstamp on .35 Remington, but having never found a catalog of this specific ammo line (Canadian-made Fiocchi) I don’t know what calibers were offered. I did have the G.F. Canadian-Fiocchi headstamp in .303 and 7.9 x 57 in my collections when I had them. Not trying to muddy the waters, but this is why pictures can be more important than they might seem to be - cartridge characteristics sometimes tell us as much as do the headstamps (perhaps even more in the event of ammo or cases made by one company for another).

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I will photo the boxes and headstamps this week when I go back to the shop. I found little on the company name on the box. But did discover that Godfrey, IL is the next town to Brighton , IL. There is a business by the name of R&R Shooters Supply in Godfrey.?
Will take pics this week. Thank you for your responses

John, I should have mentioned that my comments were regarding the company indicated in the label. I agree on the headstamp identification; from its description these would be cartridges made by CIL in Canada for Giulio Fiocchi, Inc. in Charleston, SC.

Added Photo’s

The headstamp looks very much like the ones on .303 and 8 mm Mauser made by Dominion for Giulio Fiocchi, but the primer and lack of red seal do not. Also, if they came out of the box shown, that is somewhat definitive. Perhaps Godfrey was able to purchase empty cases either from Dominion, or Fiocchi, or simply on the open market. The initials on the headstamp probably would have pleased him. I still have my doubts that the cases and headstamp were made specifically for the Godfrey concern.