Going through a collection

Hi everyone. I am helping my neighbor sort through a cartridge collection her husband had. If I have questions on any cartridges what information should I post? Pictures (cartridge and head stamp) , diameter of bullet, OAL, case length (mouth to base) base diameter ect. Thank you for your help

Photos. A small group photo(s) with a known cartridge for scale could help you cut to the quick on reasonably common rounds.

More unusual rounds could require all of the aforementioned but the photos might save u time in the sorting project

Just my opinion

In case you have a scanner and we are talking of small arms ammo you may just put rows of cartridges. And when you have scanned the side view you just put them on the scanner with the case heads and scan the headstamps too.
All in high res of courese (600dpi).
This will save you from taking lots of photos and in particular when you are not experienced with photographing headstamps.

Thanks Pepper. So if the unk cartridge looks like it may be in the 30cal family take a photo of them next to a know 308

Thanks EOD. That would be a heck of a time saver if I had a scanner. I think I will have to take a few pictures and assess the quality to make sure they are readable

For many cartridges, particularly the more common calibers like 45ACP, 5.56, 9mm Luger and 7.62 Nato the headstamp is critical to determining the value.