Gold Plastic Blank

Here is a gold plastic blank. It’s headstamp is “PAT PEND”. It has a white wad about 2/3’s of the way down in the case.

Rim 0.522"
Head 0.455"
neck 0.438"
case mouth 0.402"
case Lgth at neck approx 1"
Total lgth 1.510"

Any ideas what it is and when and who made it?


Looks like the all plastic cartridges Navy Arms manufactured for the Greener Guard Guns back in the 1970’s, the gold color is the same.
The cartridges I speak of were 12/14 gauge shot shells, and it looks like you have one.

No, this is not a Greener police gun cartridge.
The Navy Arms cartridges have a GREENER V F POLICE GUN headstamp, and a groove in the base for the two prongs of the trident type firing pin. The V F stands for Val Forgett owner of Navy Arms, Service Armament Co. etc.
I don’t have a photo of one of these cartridges on this iPad but can post one later if required.

Looks like a 5in1 blank.
44 SPL
44 MAG
45 LC

Greg the plastic color is similar to the Greener but it is much smaller. More the size of a 44 Russian or similar cartridge like Chickenthief suggested.

Attached is a photo of the plastic Greener.


Chickenthief is right, The traditional 5-in-1 name came from the two guns, offered 5 case types it fit.
The Colt revolver and the M-73 Winchester, Back then cowboys were a movie mainstay,
Here’s a still sealed bag, which came to me without a label, and I don’t see any trace it ever had one.

Thanks Pete

I have a number of 5-in-1’s in brass cases I just never made the connection with the plastic case. Any Idea who made it. They went to all the trouble of applying for a patent.

Do the ones in the bag have a headstamp?


Yes Paul, same as the one you show…