Goldmarks Percussion Caps

A friend of mine found a lot of ammo in Indiana while on vacation. one of the many things he found was this percussion cap box. I say box as it is not a tin like I am accustomed to. He called me and asked if I was intrested and so far I have been super happy with what I am finding! not sure if I am correct about this ones history.

GD primers are from Gaupillat.

the earliest year for these primers is 1842 when Gaupillat absorbed Dellion (he was associated with him before)

G means Gaupillat and D is for Dellion



This company continued that of J. Goldmark in 1881 -after his death- and, as far as I can tell, was last listed in directories from 1890. Mr. Wehle died in 1894.



Thanks for the information. so am I correct in guess the date of 1858 is when this was made?


No, it was made during the timeframe when Theo. Wehle was in business. This is a generic label originated from J. Goldmark that continued in use by the companies that offered these percussion caps. I think that this 1858 date may refer to the establishment of Goldmark’s factory in Brooklyn.

Can you put any value to it? not wanting to sell but want to be able to tell the guy who got it for Ten bucks how good he did.

last time this box was used was in 1899

At what date did Winchester begin to use Goldmark’s name on their percussion caps? Jack