That depends a bit on where you find it. Usually 1983* vintage is traded at about DKK .90 in this country, ~15 cents, when buying a full masonite 864 pcs crate. Still some around, but it’s getting scarce. Current danish army 9mm is FNB.

*Newest I have seen.


36rd Boxes in the U.S. go for anywhere from $15 to $80 depending on the way it is sold, and if the seller lists it correctly. I’ve seen the Danish packed stuff listed as if it were ball ammo (which it sort of is), and it doesn’t sell for much, and I’ve also seen it listed as “Super armor piercing” and people who are new to it get more excited and spend more.

I have to say that as of late, pistol AP ammo is at an all time low as far as the relatively common stuff like KTW. Auctions which would have sold for hundreds of dollars a few years ago can’t even sell for $100 now. Sort of like what happened to the collectibles & antique market for the first several years when Ebay first became popular. Now everything has topped-out and become circulated. The economy doesn’t help either.






Well, there’s the 2 big online gun & ammo auction sites, where keywords in the title make the difference between earning small or big. I do know that many people are holding on to items to sell until after the big election since last time there was a mad dash for guns & ammo for an entire year after the election and prices were high. However, there might be so many people planning on that this time that there will be no shortages, who knows…