Good Stuff for SLICS


Here are some of the better items I’ll have on my tables at the SLICS Cartridge Show. If interested, I can hold them, or even bring them to St. Louis. These are some of my highlights, but there will be LOTS MORE at the show.

From the left:
Chinese 5.8x21 case, $25
7.62 Tokarev API, $75
9mm Action Expr. experimental, $25
.400 Colt Magnum, SOLD
5.56mm Israeli anti-riot exptl., aluminum bullet, SOLD
.25 Rem. FA experimental, 1928, now have a GM example $25
7.5x45 Czech exptl., $40
.50 Gallagher, brass foil with paper wrap, SOLD
7.62x39, Albanian, $30
.30-40 Krag Scott’s Multi-Ball, SOLD
7.35mm Italian dummy, fluted bullet, $250 (THIS IS VERY RARE, NOT THE FAIRLY COMMON 6.5MM DUMMY)


I’m going to be there… ya’ll can bring me some rare and old pinfire cartridges! =)

Who else is coming?


Sorry, no pinfires, but a veritable Who’s-Who of Eastcoast cartridge collectors will be there. We’ll also have representation from the Carolinas, Missouri, Canada, and a bunch of other places.


…I’ll settle for some floberts I don’t have. =)


Edited - this response was originally intended for the PA show, but the topic was changed to SLICS and so my old response no longer applies…




Updated for SLICS with a few changes. Lots more new stuff but no pics. Anyone need a full box of .45-70 Multi-Ball???



Any other .30-40 Krag besides the Scott…???



A few blanks, a few gallery, a few multi-ball. I’ll have them at my table, stop by.