Gorilla Ammunition "Silverback" SCHP line


Unveiled at SHOT show last week, Gorilla Ammunition now has a line of premium self-defense ammo for .380acp, 9mm, and .45acp. Also 2 load types in .300 Blackout - which Gorilla is known for. Gorilla has been around for a couple years doing mostly .308, .300BLK, and .223, but these new loads have custom lathe-turned expanding solid copper hollow points, and are unique to Gorilla:



Matt - did anyone at the show note the headstamp being used by Gorilla?


No - I searched for photos everywhere, including Gorilla’s Facebook page and found no headstamp images. I do see on their website that the .300BLK has their “GORILLA” headstamp on it, but that has been around for a year now. I ordered some of the pistol ammo and will find out next week when it arrives.


Thanks Matt. Of course I will need the auto pistol calibers regardless of headstamp, since they have a distinctive projectile. If they have the Headstamp for today (it seems there is a new one coming out almost daily now) that will just be a bonus for a headstamp freak like myself.


Good news, Gorilla has 3 new headstamps (the .300BLK has been around, but this one is nickeled).

Common-theme back of box:


Awsome Matt!

As always, thanks for sharing and posting such great photos.