Got a new round that needs identification

Picked up an old looking round from an junk shop and I can’t identify it … It stands about 6 inches tall and an inch and a half wide . totally made of brass apart from the very top of the head which is steel . head stamp is .IV M. There are three lines going around the casing half way down . sorry can’t do any better

This is a 1" Nordenfelt and the headstamp sounds much like a British one.
I’d recomment to show the complete round without the hand and also the headstamp. So better info/ID can be provided.

The three annular grooves are probably a bit of “trench art” decoration.


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Thank you all … That’s made a lot more sense to my collection . thank you for all you help in finding out what it is for me …post wat 1880s great start .

I think that this is actually a 1" Nordenfelt projectile in a 1" Aiming rifle case.

The 1" Aiming rifle used the same case as the Nordenfelt, but was loaded with lead projectiles. The 1" Aiming rifle was used with sub calibre adaptors for target practise shooting of large calibre naval guns.

Are you able to post a photo of the headstamp?