GRAF 7,92x33 Kurz


I have a case of GRAF 7,9x33 Kurz. I don’t remember exactly, but possibly cases was made by PPU for GRAF. Thanks for any info regarding manufacturer of this case


Is this an enlarged primer pocket?


Certainly looks strange…JH


Looks like an adjustment in lack of original primers.


The primer pocket was enlarged in Ukraine for reload first available primer


WRT the original Case with the “GRAF 7.92x33” hs - these were evidently produced for Graf by both Hornady and Qual-Cart.


Thank you very much for this info!
Is it possible to identify who of these two companies produced case from my picture? Or Hornady and Quality-Cartridge used similar headstamps?


this is the box I have from Quality-Cartridge


Thank you! Great pictures!


I have in the past purchased this brass from Midway in the USA. Rim thickness has been a recent topic on this forum. Rim thicknesses and diameters on this brass vary so much I have had to use a 6.5x55mm size shellholder.
So without entering into the forbidden zone of reloading, my point is that there are NOT meant to be rim thickness variations for collectors to find. There just are!
Otherwise quality is acceptable,