Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, Hatteras, NC

This small museum is dedicated to the sunken ships of Outer Banks of North Carolina
Many different things were pulled out of water here. There is a story of HMS Bedfordshire in the museum They also cover William Mitchell, the eponym of B-25 Mitchell, and his idea of sinking ships with aerial bombs. The photos of the British cemetery, the only place in the USA to fly the Union Jack, were taken at another island called Ocracoke.





Lovely pictures sksvlad, thank you.

Please allow me one little nit-pick; the flag flying over the graveyard is the White Ensign as use by the Royal Navy (there is also a Red and a Blue one). It does incorporate the Union Flag in one corner. The Union Flag is commonly referred to as the Union Jack but this comes from the Jackstaff (pole) that it is flown from.

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My wife and I own a house on Hatteras and it is amazing how many visitors to Hatteras Island miss this great little museum. Our house is on the sound side in Frisco and after every Nor’easter the sound side flooding usually leaves large numbers of plastic shot shells and plastic wads from duck/goose hunters on everyone’s yard. There is a fishing tackle/gun shop in Frisco. The owner is a cartridge accumulator/collector and often has a box of ‘stuff’ that he wants to trade or sell. Mostly vintage shot shells. Another shop in Nags Head, “The Bird Store”, often has a number of nice collectible shot shells and vintage loading equipment.

Its interesting that the graves have crosses rather than the official Commonweath War Graves Commision Markers found all around the world.
This is Souda Bay in Northern Crete you can see the CWGC markers in one of the pictures

Sorry, Vince, my shortfall. They actually have both.