Great Article on the 22 Rimfire cartridges

I have a great article written by Hap Rocketto that covers the evolution of the 22 rimfire cartridges. For those that don’t know Hap, he’s a prolific writer and historian and is, like me, a worn out shooter who is also interetsed in the history of competition shooting and the cartridges used. Hap approaches the subject from a shooter’s perspective whereas most of what I have written comes at it from the collectors angle. In this 22 rimfire article, Hap is able to mix the two in a way that makes for very interesting reading, whether you are a shooter, a collector, or both.

I have the article on my desktop and will send it to anyone who emails for a link. I’m not sure how I can post a link directly on the Forum and if someone can help me I’d be glad to do it that way.


Courtesy of Ray:

Many thanks to Fede for making it available to everyone.


Thanks to both of you. It was very interesting to read this article.

I tried your download. All it did was mess up my computer.

My family made the first .22 shell case draws in the US ( Crittenden and Tibbals) and so I have an interest in this.

Can’t “worn out shooters” just keep reducing their calibers until they end up with the BB gun they stared with ?