Great Article - St. Louis Ammunition Factory During WW2


A buddy sent me this link to a interesting article looking back at the St. Louis Ammunition Factory during WW2 and I thought I’d share :-)

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Great article, Jason. Nice nostalgic look-back. You need to go to St.Louis to see it for yourself, parts of the city look like the Bronx in the 70’s. Outside in the suburbs it’s OK, I wanted to go see the old plant but decided not to. I much rather have 1940’s images of things I never saw in my mind.


I asked about the old plant when I was at SLICS. Too late, apparently it was demolished a couple of years ago. There is a photo of what was left of the building before it was demolished in February 2007 here.

Riding into downtown on the Metrolink train, St. Louis reminded me in places of a trip on the famous London Underground trains (not actually completely underground) into Central London. There were lots of run down neighbourhoods and industrial and warehouse areas. I also saw a couple of guys on the Metro that looked like gang members as they had matching tattoos on their necks.

Something else which I later discovered about St. Louis was that it is one of only three places in the USA that had gasometers. These are large round steel cages that held large rising gas tanks for storage of gas for domestic and industrial heating and lighting. I saw one of these from the Metro but didn’t think anything of it at the time, as these are a very common sight in British and European cities but apparently rare in the USA.

For anyone in the USA who doesn’t know what I am talking about, there are some photos here:


Jason - We used to have one of those rising gas tanks in San Francisco, near the San Francisco Bay in the vicinity of Fort Mason, which was a point of troop debarkation during WWII, and an Army Transportation Corps facility for many years. The Post is now part of the Park Service. I grew up in a neighborhood very near to it. I don’t know if the tank is still there or not. I haven’t been over that way much in recent years, and it is something I would not normally pay attendtion to anyway.

I used to see them in other places in California, but I can’t say for sure if any are still existing or not. For all I know, they could be all gone, or as common as Liberals in California!

john Moss


Until now, I have never heard of a Gasometer much less see one. Very cool structure. I’d love to climb one :-)