Great Auction Opportunity-NAZI 9MM AMMO TUNGSTEN


How can any of you pass up this auction—starting at $0.01!!!

I’ve gotten tired of writing these guys!

Lew … =431117768

I don’t do auctions. However, on one of the auctions on that site is a full box of 7.65 x 15 mm Spanish Pressin ammunition. That is a shortened version of the .32 auto round made for some sort of hide-away pistol that doesn’t look like a pistol. Maybe could be had for a good price by someone interested. I don’t know how rare it is anymore, but it was like the 5.45 x 18 Russian when they first showed up - very expensive per round.

Otherwise, I guess some good buys can be made in these auctions, but so much of the stuff is either poorly described, erroneously described, or not described at all, that it surely is a case of caveat emptor.

Hi John
A couple of photos of the gun given me when I bought a round at apparently a very cheap price, from Paul Van Hee (koff, koff) . Paul told me these where photos of the King of Spain’s personal weapon. ???

As you can see the darker brown eye-glass case has a hole through which a button / post / rivet? can access the red trigger without removing it from the case as when it would be carried a finger could easily assess the button through the case hole.

[b]I want to edit the above sentience to revise my theory of how this operated. I think on 2nd thought, the red button is a safety & the weapon is fired by squeezing the black bottom lever upwards towards the barrels.

Were this operated just by the button, you would have the be very careful not to sneeze! or you could kill yourself ! [/b]

And the lighter brown case seems equipped with the same sort of button/ rivet / post.

No idea how many rounds this held. Neat firearm idea.

This pistol is PRESSIN from Spain.

More informations :

Three of these guns were sold by my friend Gilles SIGRO - Atelier Saint Etienne (Toulouse - FRANCE) for 400 € each with 2 boxes of cartridges.–le-pistolet-pressin.html


This is such good stuff on the Pressin that I think someone with the authority and knowledge to spin the Pressin stuff, starting with Pete DeCoux’s entry, into a separate thread titled “7.65 x 15 mm Pressin.” I have never seen such good pictures of the pistol before. I really think this should be done for future searching of the Forum.

Thanks Pete and Chassepot.

(My initial drawing of attention to the box on the auction forum is of no importance to the subject, and need not be included. Or, one of the admin. guys for the Forum could simply make a new “first entry” with whatever is pertinent to the cartridge itself, and asking for more information.

Just a suggestion.